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We started our business activities in the Ionian Islands in 1987. We were successfully running a 5 star hotel in Fiskardo for 15 years and also an art hotel in Patras at mainland. We still own and run an art hotel in Vathy Ithaca, a small property with rooms in Markandonata, and three high class houses right above the Fiskardo village in Kefalonia.

Apart from the hotels and properties we have also established a very good name in the real estate business, providing high standard services to our clients such us legal and technical support.

Are you thinking about renting a property or maybe buying a piece of land in Kefalonia?

Are you a fan of old traditional houses and would love to own and renovate one? Then, you are in the right website.
Our frequently updated listings, offer alternative solutions for a dream property, and will sure satisfy even the most demanding taste! We cooperate with architects, lawyers, accountants and decorators to ensure the best of result.

If you have never visited the island of Kefalonia, yet you are fascinated by looking at photos of breathtaing views, seas with clear turquoise waters and white pebbled beaches, then let us make all the necessary arrangements for your trip..

Meganissi is a secret paradise located only 4 miles from Lefkada. The island is part of the complex of islands formed together with Madouri, Thilia, Sparti, Scorpidi and Aristotle Onasis’ private island of Scorpios and is full of trees. In spite of its rare beauty, Meganissi has somehow escaped the vast touristic development. There are many small and magnificent beaches in Meganisi. You will find their shape similar to fjords, with the most famous ones being those of Agios Ioannis, Limonari, Spilia, Pasoumaki, Ambelakia and Atherinos. The island has three main villages. Spartochori,where one has the opportunity to enjoy the lovely view to the bay of Spilia;Katomeri, a traditional village, filled with small shops and original atmosphere and Vathi,a small village that embraces the shore. Meganissi is a well-kept secret of the Ionian, a perfect destination for those who seek the calm of the traditional island life, surrounded by original warm people.

Lefkada is a wonderful and green island full of picturesque villages built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the mountains or nearby crystalline waters Its the fourth biggest island in the Ionian Sea and is very close to the mainland. The whole island is a miracle of nature, full of beautiful seaside resorts and picturesque villages, built between the mountains. The majority of the mountainous areas are safe shelters, ideal for the survival and reproduction of many diverse species, and in many cases endangered ones: plants, birds and animals. The visitors are also highly likely to find plenty of caves, waterfalls and natural water taps. Many deserted sandy coves, long golden beaches and beautiful pebbled coastlines can be found all around the Ionain island of Lefkada. All the beaches are clean and have idyllic emerald, turquoise or deep blue waters. Some of them are surrounded by forests and others by impressive cliffs.

Apart from the magnificent natural beauties on the summer holidays in Kefalonia there are also sights that worth seeing which will satisfy any kind of traveller and will captivate you. The trip to Kefalonia begins with the the beaches that are unique natural monuments themselves. The intense morphology of the island has created some beautiful beaches. In every spot of the road, one will come across to a new surprise. Do not just stick to the well-famed names of Mirtos, Platis Gialos and the Xi beach. Do not hesitate to cross a few more kilometres and a new – not that well – known but the same beautiful Kefalonia wll be revealed to you. There are many caverns in Kefalonia as well. In many of those the roofs have collapsed creating thus peculiar geological phenomena such as the lake-cavern of Melissani. Others will impress you with their exquisite natural decorations and acoustics such as the Drogarati cave.

Ithaka is right next to Kefalonia; there is only a channel of 2-3 miles lenght that separates them. The two of them are so close to each other that it is almost impossible to talk about Kefalonia without making a word for Ithaka as well. Furthermore, the close distance between them has also determined their common historical destiny. Ithaka is 93 kms in extent including the islands Kalamos and Kasta and together with some other smaller islands they form the municipality of Ithaca that includes 19 districts all together. Ithaka is according to Homer the legendary home of Ulysses. His nostalgy for home made him return despite the adventures and places he met on his way back from the Troian War. In our days there are various objections from several archeologists who regard Lefkada as the Homeric Ithaka while others consider Kefalonia as such.
Ithaca offers a variety of beaches with some approachable only by boat.